Thursday, 29 June 2017

6 Great Properties of Mustard Oil That Make It So Irreplaceable

There are some ingredients that can never be replaced in the Indian household. Not only are they essential in creating various regional delicacies, their uses are manifold and extend beyond the confines of the kitchen. One such example is mustard oil.
It is hard to imagine life without a bottle of mustard oil at home. It is believed to have miraculous properties, and therefore is used as a remedy to treat cold, boost immunity, encourage hair growth, provide nourishment to skin (especially in case of babies who are massaged with mustard oil during winters and made to sunbathe for a dose of Vitamin D and also to strengthen the bones), oral health, so on and so forth.
Mustard oil (rai ka tel) is extracted from mustard seeds (black, brown and white), and is reddish brown or amber in colour. It has been commonly used in North and East India since ancient times, and comes with a bevy of health benefits.
1. Good Source of MUFA
Mustard oil is highly recommended for the reason that it is full of monounsaturated fatty acids. Our body needs oil in the ratio of 3:1 - three parts of polyunsaturated fatty acids and one part of saturated fatty acids. Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) come under polyunsaturated. Mustard oil is full of MUFA which is very essential for our health. It's good for the heart, lightens skin, helps in hair growth, prevents premature graying of hair, etc.
2. Promotes Heart Health
According to a study done by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, including mustard oil in your regular diet could prove to be beneficial to your heart health. Being a rich source of MUFA, it lowers bad cholesterol in the body, thus keeping a check on blood fat levels and helping in circulation. The results also stated that the use of mustard oil, which is rich in alpha-linolenic acid, was associated with a lower IHD risk (Ischemic Heart Disease) than with the use of sunflower oil.
3. Protects Against Infection
Mustard oil has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Its external as well as internal usage is said to help in multiple ways to fight against infections, including digestive tract infections.
4. Helps Blood Circulation
According to Ayurveda, using mustard oil for body massage improves blood circulation, skin texture and releases muscular tension. It also activates the sweat glands and hence helps in throwing out toxins from the body. As such, it acts as a natural cleanser.
5. Good for Skin
Mustard oil is loaded with vitamin E, an essential nutrient for the skin. Therefore, when applied on the skin, it is said to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and acts as a sunscreen. Traditionally, in India, babies are often massaged with mustard oil. However, recent studies have stated that mustard oil massage should be done with limited quantities. Too much of it could prove to be harmful and cause irritation.
6. Relief from Cough and Cold
Mustard oil has been an age-old ingredient for the treatment of cough and cold. This is because of its heating property that helps in clearing congestion from the respiratory tract. Mustard oil steam treatment is often recommended as a home remedy, and you can also rub about a teaspoon of it on your chest before sleeping to let it work its magic. It is perhaps the very pungency that helps in clearing sinuses, much like wasabi. Another home remedy is to make a mixture of about one tablespoon warm mustard oil and two to three cloves of garlic and rub it on your feet.
Pitambari Raishakti Mustard Oil is extracted with best quality seeds, espelled by cold process to preserve its natural properties, anti-oxidants & essential oils, and is highly nutritive, rich in flavor & delicious in taste. It is available in 200 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre, 5 litre & 15 litre sizes, and can also be bought online at

Astrology helps you tread the right path!

Astrology is both, science and art that provide an interpretation and influences of the stars and planets on humans.  The principle of determining planetary positions and periods are universally applicable because it is based on mathematical systems. It blends numerous techniques and data for making predictions, and that makes it an art. 
Astrology is the only divine science, which helps one to peep into the future. Among many branches of astrology, horoscope reading is the salient one, which is based on the time and place of birth of an individual.
Astrology helps us to plan our future. The astrological remedies helps to reduce the impact of malefic planetary influences in a person's natal chart, further harness the significations ruled by the beneficial planets. Astrology is based on the natal position of planets that gives a complete picture of the life of a person.  In astrology, horoscope is believed to tell us how much malefic influences are there, how and when will they manifest, and if there are any remedies. Vedic astrology is transformational in nature, aimed with helping the process of growth, evolving consciousness and overcoming limitations.
Astrology helps you know the essence of life and lets you learn the proficiency and talents you have carried into this world. It further helps you to contribute your skills and share these qualities for the well-being of this world. Astrology helps you to lead a peaceful and happy life; experts believe that every person born for a reason, and it becomes visible as he contributes his/her qualities to this world. It is only through astrology we can analyze the period when situation is most likely to occur in our lives.
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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Why should you use Lemongrass oil for cleaning your dishes

Besides being a delicious citrusy seasoning in Thai cooking, most of us would never guess that this delicious thready grass holds so much power inside its fibrous stalks.
The compounds that make up lemongrass essential oil are known to have anti-fungal, insecticidal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. The citral and limonene content in lemongrass oil can kill or stifle the growth of bacteria and fungi. Because of its high citral and geraniol content, lemongrass oil is known to repel bugs such as mosquitoes and ants. This natural repellant has a mild smell and can be sprayed directly on the skin. 
Apart from its anti-microbial properties, Lemongrass’ strong lemony smell with earthy, grassy undertones gives an immediate feeling of freshness!
New Pitambari Antibacterial Dishwash Bar has a higher active matter which is responsible for cleaning and cutting of oily stains. It has a balanced blend of surfactants, minerals, foaming agents and binders which gives effective cleaning without making too soggy or too hard. It contains Natural Lemon Grass Oil, acts as an antibacterial, deodorizer & imparts freshness of Lime. Antibacterial Dishwash bar is a special agent which keeps bar intact till it ends and protects from breaking and hardening of the bar –Kam Gale Zyada Chale. It cleans the utensils without any extra efforts & gives sparkling mirror finish to Utensils. It gives effective cleaning in hard water also. Active ingredients in the bar make utensils clean, bacteria free and sparkling.

Cure On - Freedom from all joint pains!

Sesame oil is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. In Ayurveda, a massage with warm sesame seed oil is recommended to strengthen the bones & muscles, and improve flexibility of joints. It helps in reducing chronic joint pain and muscle spasms. Apart from applying sesame oil directly to the joints affected by arthritis, sesame oil is often combined with anti-arthritic herbs and applied to the joints for a fast relief from pain.
·         Sesame oil penetrates to the joint area effectively and quickly thus improving blood circulation.
·         Antioxidant-rich nature of sesame oil imparts anti-inflammatory property to it thus preventing inflammatory types of joint pain like Arthritis.
·         It gives strength and vitality to joints thus unlocking locked stiff joints.
While we today do not have the luxury of time, or even easy availability, to combine sesame oil with nutmeg, garlic, withania somnifera, etc, for a DIY, there is one readymade solution easily available in the market -  Pitambari Cure On Plus oil is Sesame based Ayurvedic oil which is easy to apply. It is useful for immediate relief from pain on local application that has a deep penetration & fights pain at the source which also gives long lasting relief to chronic pain & very effective in Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. 

Jeshtmadh – The super medicine and its health benefits for the season

As the season changes from summer to monsoon, many physical changes take place in the body according to the season. A person falls ill if his /her body cannot adjust with the seasonal changes. This time, herbs from the ancient medical history of Ayurveda become helpful. One such herb which has been used for thousands of years in treating a variety of ailments is Licorice root. Licorice root is known as Jeshtmadh, Yashtimadhu and mulethi in India. It is among the most powerful and oldest natural medicinal remedies known to the mankind.
It is used as a medicine and as a flavoring in foods, medicines, beverages, lozenges/herbal cough candies & tobacco. Many herbal practitioners suggest this herb as an alternative cure for number of health problems. Apart from its properties that help fight depression, high cholesterol, heart disease, PMS, skin disorders, stomach & gastric problems, it is a prime medicine to fight throat ailments that become common in monsoons.
People suffering from bad cough and cold can get relief from dry cough, sore throat, bronchitis and asthma with this herb. The glycosides found in herb have expectorant activity. The expectorant helps to break-up the built-up phlegm which makes it easy to cough out. The anti-inflammatory demulcent and antiviral properties of herb calm down bronchial spasms, lubricate the irritated & swollen respiratory tract and sore throat as well as fight against viral flu and asthma.
Pitambari Ayurkanthika Vati, containing this super medicine, is a 100 % herbal chewable lozenge product for throat diseases. It pacifies vata-kapha and useful in cough and cold. It reduces the stickiness of naso- pharyngeal secretion & makes it easily removable from throat.