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Why should we go with Ayurveda?

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Ayurveda is in the roots of the Indian tradition and it is still been practiced in this modern era. It has been used for treating illness since the ancient times .Nowadays people are using Ayurveda product. The reason is that it is natural & herbal health care system and it has no side effects, any age of person can go for Ayurveda.

According to the principle of Ayurveda, the imbalance of any element result in diseases & physical discomforts.It has lots of benefits they are as follows.

1.   Reduces Stress         

              Meditation, breathing exercise & yoga helps to reduce stress and anxiety. There is a link between high stress and poor physical health. So, Ayurveda relieving stress and Regular yoga practice can improve autonomic nervous function.

2.   Reduce Symptoms of Illness and Diseases

             Metals like iron have healing properties to keep away from Diseases and reduce chances of getting the illness. To breathe In and out, getting sun exposure and healthier diet helps to reduce Illness and Diseases and filling better.

3.   Overall Balance

                Ayurveda is ancient medicine that focuses on mind, body and spirit of health.it improved body internally and externally the body balance diet plan optimizes digestive health and Boost immunity and mental positivity.

4.   Healthy and Glowing Skin

               Ayurveda helps to keep your skin healthy and soft without spending money. Consuming like cucumber, radish is easier to digest because it contains purifying properties.Nuts and seed have healthy fats.

5.  Helps to prevent diabetes

               The GymeaSilvestre and Coccidian indicia is powerful anti-diabetic agent it reduces blood sugar level. When your weight is within normal limits, the body produces enough insulin to metabolize sugar. The bitter leaves and seeds of Neem plant also useful for diabetes patients.

6.  Improve High Blood pressure

     According to Ayurveda High blood pressure caused due to the breakdown of doshas(Vata,pitta,Kapha). Many people have High blood pressure due to obesity, mental stress and it leads to a heart problem. So, Everyday practice of mediation and Yoga are very useful to reduce high blood pressure

Therefore we can say Ayurveda is Natural is a treatment. It aims at the searching origin of the diseases and cures it with no side effects. Thus it is very effective and highly beneficial. We have the best brand which deals in manufacturing ayurvedic products that’s Pitambari. Its diverse products in Ayurveda has proven to be best in the curing of various illness. So if you are a health conscious, and you want your body to be healed with some herbal products try Pitambari healthcare products. They also have their own Ayurvedic clinic and Panchakarma center.

What’s Hot about Chili Powder? – Health Benefits & Nutritional Facts.


Red, hot, Spicy. Red chilly invoke many emotions. It is prepared by drying in to the sun and grinding it.It has been used in many houses and is called out by different names to it like LalMirch Powder (Hindi), Milagay (Tamil), Mulaku (Malayalam),Marcha (Gujarati), Lanka, Lankamorich (Bengali),Mirchi (Marathi),  Lalmirch (Urdu & Punjabi). The consumption of chili differs from various country and people. Like most European countries do not use chilies for their traditional dishes, only Mediterranean countries and Hungary have much of a chili tradition.
Chili powder is used as flavoring agent in various sauces and soups like the chili sauce in Chinese cuisines gives a unique taste to the Chinese dish. Chilly is not only adding taste to the food but also it has many nutritional and health benefits.

Nutritional facts:
Ever since its introduction to India, chilies have been included in Ayurvedic medicines and used as tonic to ward off many diseases.Chilies have vitamin B6,vitamins A and E, beta-carotene, potassium and folic acid. 

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Health benefits of chili powder:
1. Chili powder enhances the flow of fresh blood to the site of infections. This fresh blood fights against the infection and viruses.
2. Chili is said to be rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene and folic acid found in chili reduces the risk of colon cancer.
3. Chilies helps in burning calories easily it is good for slimming down.
4. It is good for hair and skin, chili powder contains vitamin A to keep the hair moisturized through increased sebum production.
5. Blood pressure remains under control due to it as it leads to increased hemoglobin production and increases blood flow.

Now we can say chilies are best for the health and using a small amount of it will add taste to the food. We have a best brand in chili powder that’s, Ruchiyana Chili Powder from Pitambari, it has a superior taste and is aromatic in nature and completely unadulterated. No artificial or any other colors are used.  Lastly I can say, a dash of chili powder is always great in the meal, so born appetite!

Why incense sticks are brunt while praying?

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Incense stick, also known as agarbatti in India, in which a paste is rolled around a bamboo stick which releases fragrant smoke when burned,Incense sticks are used by many cultures across Asia. They are not only a part of Hindu rituals or customs, they have been used since centuries in Japanese, Tibetan, Egyptian and Chinese cultures. They not only use it as a part of their religious ceremonies but also for personal things like aromatherapy. It is used during prayers, funerals or just burnt around the house on normal days.

In India it is one of the main forms of incense, and it is a traditional practice in almost all the Indian religious ceremony. This is one of the Hindu traditions that has been carried forward through ages. There are some clear and logical explanations for the greater part of religious customs.
So let’s discover the explanations for why we burn incense sticks while praying.

Incense sticks are burnt in front of deities as per the Hindu rituals. When burnt, it spreads fragrance creating holy atmosphere, it purifies the ambiance for the deities. This ritual is included in the sixteen steps of worship which is known as (Shodasha Upacharas) and one among the five Upacharas(Pancha Upacharas) which are Gandham (sandal), Pushpam(flowers), Dhupam(incense), Deepam(lighted lamps), and Naivedyam(food offerings).Each of these five upacharas are believed tosatisfyone of the five tatvas of God which are Prithvi, Agni, Jal, Aakash and Vaayu.

Burning incense sticks is included in the regular as well as occasional worship of deities and it inspires your thoughts to be pure and beautiful. As a part of traditional Hindu ritual when you light an incense it removes all foul smells from the air around as well as all the negative energies in the surroundings. It creates the perfect ambiance for the performance of a prayer.
A philosophical moral of burning incense stick is that, as it burns away to ashes while simultaneously pervading the air with fragrance, an aspirant should sacrifice his life to serve others and mould it such a way that its fragrance inspires.

The pleasant smell that spreads to the air creates a soothing and calm atmosphere, helping us to focus on our prayers. This works as a meditation exercise that reduces stress and depression.This perfect condition will enable the enthusiasts to concentrate on God and the prayer conducted. The burning of the incense sticks additionally signifies that people ought to relinquish ourselves to serve everyone around us, in the process spreading the fragrance of affection and peace to all.

Incense sticks are furthermore used to cure a couple medical problems, for example, mellow headache, depression, agony, and so forth. The aroma spreads all around after you light an incense stick and it leaves a huge healing and calming effect on your mind. This likewise offers you some help concentration. When you offer a prayer to God with unprecedented commitment it acts like an intelligent system that reduces uneasiness and misery.

Friday, 19 May 2017

4 reasons why Pitambari’s Pancharas Pachak Churna is a must for today’s hectic lifestyles!

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Many of the foods we eat, and the way we eat food today, contribute to an increase in flatulence, bloating, cramping and chronic problems. Perhaps, we are eating our meals too often on the run, barely tasting or chewing what we put into our mouth, or we may be suffering from more abdominal discomfort throughout the night because our schedule has us eating our dinner too close to the bedtime. Carminative herbs provide the solution we need to tame our digestive discomforts.
Pancharas is herbal digestive & carminative mouth freshener from Pitambari Products Pvt Ltd. It contains a mixture of traditional ingredients like Shatpushpa, Ajmoda, Yashtimadhu & natural flavoring agents which refresh the breath. Pancharas keeps us free from lethargy & makes us feel lighter & energetic all the time. Below are the 4 ways in which it works:-
1. Modulates Intestinal Contractions:  Pancharas reduces the force and spontaneity of intestinal contractions: Cells that line the intestinal membrane and smooth muscle cells are aggravated.
2.  Stimulates Bile Flow:  This is necessary to increase fat digestion: Compounds within the oils are broken down which promote the movement of bile substances such as bile salts to move from the liver, into the bile duct, and then into the intestines. What material is not excreted as feces will be recycled.
3. Reduces Surface Tension within the Intestines:  Oxygenated compounds like terpenes increase in activity and small water bubbles are combined to form larger water droplets. Naturally, this reduction in force also decreases abdominal pain.
4. Exhibits an Anti-Foaming Action: Lowers the content of CO2 bubbles created by gut bacteria by binding smaller bubbles together into larger bubbles. These gas pockets are then expelled more readily from the intestines reducing gas discomfort.
Pitambari’s  Pancharas Pachak churna- Herbal Digestive & carminative mouth freshener aids digestion by stimulating the 5 digestive juices, relieves constipation and improves appetite. Pancharas stimulates secretion of Mukha Ras (Salivary secretion), Swadu Ras(Pancreatic juices), Pitta Ras (Billiary juices) , Jathar Ras ( Gastric juices) & Aantra Ras ( Intestinal juices) and hence it is known as Pancharas which helps for digestion.

How Pitambari Gomay, fresh cow manure, scores over chemical fertilizers, always & every-time!

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Cow manure contains the three main plant nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Although some natural variation occurs among manure from different cows, the amounts in fresh cow manure with bedding or litter are roughly 11 percent nitrogen, 4 percent phosphorus and 10 percent potassium, and the nutrients become available to plants at a moderate speed. Fresh cow manure with bedding or litter also has a sizable water content -- 86 percent; therefore, it is beneficial because it helps to keep soil evenly moist throughout the growing season.

Adding to cow manure's benefits is the fact that it is not difficult to find. Many dairy farmers offer free manure to people who haul it away. Even where payment is expected, it is generally no more than a small fee for enough to fill a truck's bed.

In times when going green is the only way to save the planet for future generations, it really makes sense to promote methods considered sustainable. And manure is the answer to environment-threatening chemical fertilizers. Ancient Indian literature informs us that farmers then mainly used manure comprising of nitrogen and phosphorous. To enhance the quality of manure, fine crushed fish bones were added for better yield. As agriculture become organized, and in the quest for better yield, chemical manure became the order of the day. Yields were surely better but for a very short period and slowly, the chemical manure-induced crops gave way to many detrimental side effects not only to the soil but also in the produce.

Pitambari’s Gomay manure provides all essentials i.e. – primary, secondary & tertiary nutrients in a balanced form, is more effective as it has more humus, is more nutritious, absorbs more water than the ordinary soil, increases water retention capacity, beneficial microbes to soil, hence increases & maintains soil fertility over the period, resulting in increased production and is also cost-effective compared to chemical fertilizers!