Tuesday, 23 May 2017

What’s Hot about Chili Powder? – Health Benefits & Nutritional Facts.


Red, hot, Spicy. Red chilly invoke many emotions. It is prepared by drying in to the sun and grinding it.It has been used in many houses and is called out by different names to it like LalMirch Powder (Hindi), Milagay (Tamil), Mulaku (Malayalam),Marcha (Gujarati), Lanka, Lankamorich (Bengali),Mirchi (Marathi),  Lalmirch (Urdu & Punjabi). The consumption of chili differs from various country and people. Like most European countries do not use chilies for their traditional dishes, only Mediterranean countries and Hungary have much of a chili tradition.
Chili powder is used as flavoring agent in various sauces and soups like the chili sauce in Chinese cuisines gives a unique taste to the Chinese dish. Chilly is not only adding taste to the food but also it has many nutritional and health benefits.

Nutritional facts:
Ever since its introduction to India, chilies have been included in Ayurvedic medicines and used as tonic to ward off many diseases.Chilies have vitamin B6,vitamins A and E, beta-carotene, potassium and folic acid. 

ruchiyana chili powder

Health benefits of chili powder:
1. Chili powder enhances the flow of fresh blood to the site of infections. This fresh blood fights against the infection and viruses.
2. Chili is said to be rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene and folic acid found in chili reduces the risk of colon cancer.
3. Chilies helps in burning calories easily it is good for slimming down.
4. It is good for hair and skin, chili powder contains vitamin A to keep the hair moisturized through increased sebum production.
5. Blood pressure remains under control due to it as it leads to increased hemoglobin production and increases blood flow.

Now we can say chilies are best for the health and using a small amount of it will add taste to the food. We have a best brand in chili powder that’s, Ruchiyana Chili Powder from Pitambari, it has a superior taste and is aromatic in nature and completely unadulterated. No artificial or any other colors are used.  Lastly I can say, a dash of chili powder is always great in the meal, so born appetite!

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